What is the call flow for incoming calls?

Posted by Krit on Aug 5, 2020


The call flow for all incoming calls is as follow:

When client calls in, both phones for the dispatchers ring.  The california dispatcher will pick up the calls primarily for the california with the kansas dispatcher as a backup.  The kansas dispatcher will pick up calls for kansas as a primary and have the california dispatcher as backup.

The phones will ring on those two phones for approximately 3 rings.  On the 4th ring, all phones will ring.  this means, all technicians will have their phones ring on the 4th ring and on.  It is now the responsibility of the techs to help the dispatchers pick up the calls.  The calls then will continue to ring until someone picks up.  This means, if the technicians do not pick up, the dispatchers must then pick up the call.

There are 2 dispatchers.  If the dispatchers are doing their job functions correctly, the amount of calls is not enough that two people will get hammered and not be able to pick up 3rd or 4th calls.  It can happen, but is not likely to be a common problem.


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