What is the dispatchers job description and duties?

Posted by Krit on Aug 5, 2020


The below list is an example of some of the core duties of the dispatcher/Office manager.  The following list is not complete and can include other duties that may be assigned by management.

  • Answer client calls that come into the main line and emergency line from clientele while keeping it under 3 rings.
  • Track and create trouble tickets as necessary for trouble issues and client requests
  • Ensure trouble tickets are getting resolved within a maximum of 3 days
  • Respond to client requests and inquiries for status updates for existing tickets
  • Manage technician calendars and appointments related to field dispatch
  • Monitor, manage and prioritize trouble tickets for technicians to meet existing SLA
  • Empty trash bins for all trashes within the M Cubed office including boxes and shredding machine
  • Label each incoming hardware according to clientele
  • Maintain the Parts file
  • Other duties as assigned according to managers direction
  • Check the mail every 2 days
  • Follow up on all Kansas tickets for old tickets or missed tickets
  • Review daily tickets within each technicians queue or Lawrence queue
  • Ensure work bench is clean and organized
  • Call Tom when the recycle pile gets too much



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