Which tech is assigned to what client?

Client Primary Tech Secondary Tech Onsite Primary Onsite Backup
800 Penn Open Open Open Open
A1Restaurant and Bar Supply House, LLC. Open Open Open Open
Allen Belot Architect Open Open Open Open
Cherry Village Benevolence, Inc David David David David
Connect Church Ricky Open Ricky Open
Crossroads Financial Management Bill Open Bill Open
Delta Gamma Chad David Chad David
Dunco Heating & Cooling Bill Open Bill Open
Dwayne Peaslee Technical Training Center Open Open Open Open
Eastside Liquor Open Open Open Open
EMR Environmental, Inc Open Open Open Open
EMR Inc. Ricky Open Ricky Open
Engroff Catering Ricky Bill Ricky Bill
E-State Management, LLC bill Open bill Open
Giving Solutions, LLC Open Open Open Open
Haase and Long, Inc Bill Open Bill Open
Heartland Community Medical Centers Ricky James Ricky David
Heck Land Company Bill Open Bill Open
Independence Inc Bill David Bill David
Insight Women’s Center Bill Open Bill Open
Integrity Midwest Insurance, LLC Open Open Open Open
Kansas All Industry Placement Facility OPen Open OPen Open
Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition Bill Open Bill Open
Kansas United open open open open
Kappa Kappa Gamma open open open open
Kayley Flemming open David open David
Kerry and Jeff Glasgow open open open open
Koprince Law open open open open
Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics open open open open
Lawrence Chamber open open open open
Lawrence Community Shelter Bill open Bill open
Lawrence Podiatry Center LLC bill David bill David
Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department open Bill bill David
Lynn Electric & Communications, Inc. Bill open bill david
McDaniel Knutson Inc open open open Open
McGrew Real Estate, Inc. bill open bill david
Mesler Roofing open open open open
Nate Burghart Law open open open open
Oread Fine Finishes LLC open open open open
Pelvic Health Specialists, LLC David open david open
Pine Landscape Center open David Open David
Prairie Land Insurance open open open open
Precision Leasing, Inc open open open open
Pur-O-Zone, Inc. Bill open Bill open
R. Terry Marshall open David open David
Radiologic Professional Services open open open open
Reed Dillon & Association Ricky open Ricky David
Renovation MD open open open open
Riling, Burkhead & Nitcher, CHTD open open open open
Rock Solid Inspections Chad open Chad open
Ryan Smith Financial Services open open open open
SAR Enterprises, PA open open open open
Space Savers open open open open
Starfire Engineering open open open open
Summer Spencer and Co open open open open
Sunflower Paving Inc. Bill David Bill David
The Attic david david david david
The Jayhawk Club (Eagle) open open open David

What is the call flow for incoming calls?

The call flow for all incoming calls is as follow:

When client calls in, both phones for the dispatchers ring.  The california dispatcher will pick up the calls primarily for the california with the kansas dispatcher as a backup.  The kansas dispatcher will pick up calls for kansas as a primary and have the california dispatcher as backup.

The phones will ring on those two phones for approximately 3 rings.  On the 4th ring, all phones will ring.  this means, all technicians will have their phones ring on the 4th ring and on.  It is now the responsibility of the techs to help the dispatchers pick up the calls.  The calls then will continue to ring until someone picks up.  This means, if the technicians do not pick up, the dispatchers must then pick up the call.

There are 2 dispatchers.  If the dispatchers are doing their job functions correctly, the amount of calls is not enough that two people will get hammered and not be able to pick up 3rd or 4th calls.  It can happen, but is not likely to be a common problem.

What is preferred for appointments? Onsite or Remote?

We must try to do everything remotely.  Working remotely allows us to multi-task and we can work on multiple tickets at a time vs. when you are onsite.  You can only work on that particular task.  There will be times when the technician will insist that onsite work is a must.  If the dispatcher is unsure if the job really needs to be done onsite, please contact David.

David will confirm and validate whether the particular task can be done remotely or must be done onsite.