Client calls in to report issue, what do i do?

  1. Ask appropriate questions such as symptom, when was the last time it worked and try to determine from client if the issue is urgent.  Do not ask if it is urgent. Decipher the answer by the way they respond.
  2. If it is a priority for them, seek immediate help desk help.
  3. If it is not a priority, advise client that you are creating a ticket and will get it into the hands of a technician soon.  Explain they will hear back from you shortly on when the technician will be calling them to work on the issue.  Encourage them to use the self ticket submission feature from their computers in future to expedite their requests and allow us to prioritize.  However, if it is an emergency, please call us.
  4. Create ticket and assign to technician as appropriate.
  5. Notify technician.

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